Justin Kett, Head Chef at The Swan at Lavenham shares his recipe for roasted pigeon breast.

We are delighted to welcome back Justin Kett to the 2017 Game & Country Fair Cookery Theatre. See him in action at the show on 22nd & 23rd April at the Euston Estate, Thetford.

This month he shares a delicious seasonal recipe for roasted pigeon breast.


Justin Kett

The Swan @ Lavenham




4 x pigeon crowns

1 x small celeriac

6 x carrots

Pack of fresh shallots

2 cloves of garlic

Air dried vanilla crisps for garnish

Carrot tops for garnish

250 ml vegetable stock


Duck fat – 1 small tin (alternatively a good quality vegetable oil)

Add salt & pepper as needed


1.      Wash celeriac and cut into wedges, then peel two of the carrots and cut in to wedges / nice shapes for roasting

2.      Peel the remaining carrots (retaining some tops for the garnish) and chop along with the garlic and one of the shallots. Place in a pan, add a nice knob of butter and cover with vegetable stock and gently simmer

3.      Gently confit the shallots in duck fat, for 25 mins on a low heat until soft

4.      Roast the celeriac and carrot wedges in a hot oven (180 degrees C) for 15 mins until tender and soft

5.      Once soft, strain and blitz the carrot mixture (which was cooked in vegetable stock) until lovely and smooth

6.      Roast pigeon for 8- 10 minutes on 180 degrees C, or until cooked

7.      Slice the pigeon breast and gather the ingredients together for the topping

8.      Serve on a warm plate (as shown in the picture) and finish with pan juices from the roasted pigeon



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