Stable Fonts – It’s no Yoke!

Anti yoke waeave  When getting new stables, the stable front is an important aspect to consider. The front should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but there are a few decisions that need to be made in order to maximise the benefit for both yourself and your horse.

Choosing the height of the front of the stable has a great impact on the overall look of the design, but you need to consider the age and personalities of the horses. A low fronted style will suit older and calmer horses, creating a stable environment with an open and airy feel. However, with more juvenile horses and stallions a low front may not be as suitable as there is a risk that it might be seen as a quicker route out of the stable. For these more lively horses, a taller front with a Yoke top is advised. A Yoke top is a typical U shaped Ascotgap in the stable, where a horse can still comfortably stick its head out giving them extra room, yet it is high enough that there is no risk of attempted escape. With a Yoke top there is also an option to have an infill for times where you want the passageway to be clear of curious horses, an option not available on many low fronted styles.

If you are looking for a stable front that has a larger clearance than most, the new Loddon Lexington range is now available across the UK and internationally. Unlike most stables, the Lexington has no overhead horizontal bar, removing any danger a horse has of hitting its head. It does this whilst still maintaining its structural integrity due to the strength of the posts and fixtures.

For larger barns that contain many horses and stables, the daily filling of food bowls can often be a time consuming task. A solution to this would be the inclusion of a swivel manger. A food bowl, on a rotating panel means that it can easily be filled up without having to enter the stable.  This would also be a good idea if working with trickier horses that aren’t the easiest to manoeuvre around.

A final consideration that should be considered is the type of door used, be it sliding or hinged. For stable areas that are tight for space, sliding doors are advisable as they don’t encroach on the clear space in front of the stable. Hinged doors are best used in stables that have a good amount of space at the front so the swing of the door doesn’t affect any surrounding equipment or supports.

At Loddon we pride ourselves on the safety of our product for both the horse and handler. By providing stables suited to the individual needs of each owner and horse, we are able to create the most comfortable environment possible for your equestrian sanctuary.

Visit the East Anglian Game and Country Fair on Sat 25th and Sun 26th April 2015. Loddon Engineering are sponsoring the round pen which will house our Horse Behaviourist events over the Game Fair weekend and will also have a trade stand should you wish to speak with them and see what they offer in more detail.

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