A Paintball day to remember!

Top Dog Paintball Team

Top Dog

We are delighted to announce the Top Dog Paintball team will be at the East Anglian Game & Country Fair next year for the first time. They will be holding several live Paintball Demonstrations throughout the weekend to give you firsthand knowledge of how the experts play the game. They will also be bringing along an inflatable target range, which you will be able to have a go at free of charge to get a real feel for the game.

Andy & Tracey recently enjoyed a fantastic paintball day at Top Dog in Ringland, courtesy of Nick Jolley at Freight Force. Tracey says, ‘I must admit, I was a little nervous getting out of the car, seeing all the big lads from Freight Force Haulage Yard, waiting for the Army truck to take us to our paintballing destination that Saturday morning! Ed made a comment about my casual Jack Wills attire, (I’m a little short on camouflage outfits!). Soon we were all climbing the ladder up into the back of the army truck, (‘Ultimate Force’ style, just missing Ross Kemp!) and driven into the woods.

After being given our briefings and safety instructions from the team, (I was very impressed by how seriously the team regarded the safety element, which relaxed me a tad!), we got kitted up, filled up our guns with paintballs, and were led to the first game. Here we had to work together to defend our flag from the enemy, (the opposing team of strangers), whilst trying to storm the opposing team’s barracks and take theirs, without getting shot, as it hurts, so everybody had told me, and because if you get shot you have to exit the game and move into the dead zone, a safe netted area for the remainder of the game.

Well, I was first to offer to guard our flag ferociously from within the safe confines of the wooden shack, but after a while I did venture outside into the open and on the last game I was the furthest forward near to storming the chapel, (the aim of that game), but we ran out of time!

For me, a former psychology lecturer, it was really interesting how as the games progressed, our team became more vocal regarding strategies of how to win and soon we were organising each other to cover for those going forward, and we had a clear plan on exactly how we would defend and protect our chapel by the last defensive game I played. We have already arranged to go back to Top Dog for a Game Fair team building experience next year.

Everybody from Freight Force had a fab day and Nick has already mentioned returning with the discounted loyalty vouchers that the group were given after their corporate day.

It was great meeting Stu and Luke the other day at the showground to plan their area in the woods just inside the Dereham Gate Entrance, where all of our visitors are invited to ‘Have A Go’ free of charge, and watch the experts as they play. Please do come along and ‘Have A Go!

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